Our Mission:


Grow Into You Foundation exists to provide coaching and mentoring services to teens in the foster care system. These services educate at-risk youth as they age out of the system of care, equipping them with support and tools to overcome hardships, make healthy choices, and become the best version of themselves.

Shifting Perspectives. Restoring Power. Planting Hope.


Our Impact

The Foster Care system is in crisis. There are not enough foster homes to care for all the children displaced from their families. Teens in the system end up in group homes. When they age out at 18 years old, they have very little support. These teens frequently end up on the streets, facing homelessness, human trafficking, hunger, drugs, and jail. Grow Into You Foundation offers mentoring and coaching to teens as they age out of foster care. This gives them a fighting chance to pursue education, employment, and shelter. More than that, it allows these foster teens to discover their value and worth in the world.

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Our Mission

Grow Into You Foundation exists to provide coaching and mentoring services to individuals experiencing a hardship, particularly youth and those within the foster care system. These services will educate, empower and give perspective to those that need it most.

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Our Programs

We believe that if we think outside the box and meet teens where they are at with a new, fresh and transformational mindset, teens will respond in new, fresh and transformational ways. We go above and beyond with each teen we encounter. We believe in replacing old, unwanted habits with new, healthy ones and disrupting the status quo with exciting potential!


Coaching takes place either in a one-on-one setting or in a group setting, depending on the needs and desires of each individual. Coaching allows teens to empower themselves to make healthy, conscious choices about their lives and their futures!


Sometimes we, as an organization, need to stand in the gap to meet the needs of our teens. Many times, these are fundamental, basic need like clothing or shelter. Other times they are needs that must be met to move forward like getting an I.D. or registering for classes. But we don’t stop there, we also use our coaching and mentoring approach to equip teens so they are able to meet their own needs in the future. To do this we use an “I do, We do, You do” scaffolding model.


Ballroom dancing, yoga, inspirational movie nights, dinner at a restaurant, guest speakers, weekend coaching retreats, and so much more! When teens are exposed to new things, they see themselves and the world in a more colorful and enthusiastic way.


CONNecting the dots

Grow Into You Foundation makes a point to network and bring awareness to the community around these teens so that they can be connected to resources and opportunities. These include but are not limited to: jobs, public assistance, health care, outreach ministries, social opportunities, educational resources, etc. We believe each teen needs a village built around them to support their growth and development as they near adulthood and independence.

Our Team

Grow Into You Foundation has a team of certified professional coaches, committed board members, and amazing volunteers!

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Get Involved

Grow Into You Foundation cannot function without the support of our community. We are in need of monetary donations to continue to fund the coaching of foster teens. We are in need of volunteers to help run our outreach and fundraising events. We are in need of like-minded individuals who would like to mentor or coach teens. However you would like to get involved, we would like to welcome you! See below for more info!

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