Our Impact

The majority of teens that find themselves in foster care live in residential facilities rather than traditional homes because families are fearful of taking in a teen. 

These same teens often age out of the foster care system at 18 years old with little to no support. The possibilities ahead of them don't look like college, starting a family and financial stability. Their possibililities look more often like homelessness, human trafficking, hunger, drugs, jail and returning to the same foster care system - this time as a parent.

These teens need guidance. They need support. They need someone to empower them to pursue education, employment and shelter. They need the perspective that allows them to seek out wise choices, create healthy plans for the future, learn life and leadership skills, implement coping strategies and experience what success can and does look like for them.  

Grow Into You Foundation Coaching and Mentoring changes the way these teens see the world. It changes how they "show up" in the world. And, by sponsoring the coaching of a foster teen, you bring the world to life for them!